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more than 20 years of experience,  a unique know-how

Tableau en cours de restauration
Retouche de la couche picturale


  • restoration of paintings on canvas, wood, paper and other supports;

  • restoration of statues

  • restoration of frames.

Tableau avant restauration

Restoration of paintings 


stripping, varnish lightening, scrubbing, consolidation of scales and lifting of the pictorial layer,

treatment of molds and chancis,

old-fashioned puttying, retouching of the pictorial layer of gaps and cracks, final varnishing.


laying of parts, old-fashioned relining, flooring, marouflage,

resorption of deformations,

put on frame

Photo de Sophie Rennequin.png

Sophie Rennequin

"Seduced and amazed by this exceptional craftsmanship, painting restoration has become my passion and my profession for more than 25 years.

In 1995, in the antiques district in Paris, I was trained by a Master who passed on to me a unique heritage, based on ancient and traditional techniques. I then worked for this Master for many years.

In 2007, I created my workshop where I developed excellence to satisfy a demanding clientele in France and around the world.


To my greatest pleasure, several hundred works have already passed through my hands, to be "treated".  Your paintings will be  restored with the greatest respect for the work and work of artists.


The workshop provides discreet service and your works are restored in the utmost confidentiality.

Under certain conditions, the restoration can be carried out on site. A private transport of your works can also be organized by me.  

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